Classification Of The Client

Clients are classified only in two categories Medium risk and High risk clients with respective scores Above 330 and accordingly product is recommended to them.
Risk Appetite
Total Score
Investors are categorized on the basis of this questionnaire and weights allotted
Questions Weight Alotted/Answer Score
1 What is your Current Age?
Under 25 40
25-45 30
46-55 20
55-60 10
60+ 0
2 Goal and Expection
Capital Appreciation 10
Regular Income 20
Capital Appreciation and Regular Income 30
If any other specific goal please specify required
3 Proposed Investment Amount?
<1 lacs 10
1-3 lacs 20
3-5 lacs 30
Above 5 lacs 40
4 Investment type
Long Term 10
Short Term 20
Intraday 30
5 Gross anual income
Below 3 lac, 10
3-7 lac, 20
7-15 lac, 30
Above 15 lacs 40
6 What is your sources of Incomes?
A. Primary Source
Self Employed
B. Secondary Source
Others Specify________
7 Market Value of portfolio held
<1 lacs 10
1-3 lacs 20
3-5 lacs 30
Above 5 lacs 40
8 Investment Experience
< 1 years 10
1-3 years 20
Above 3 years 30
9 Experience in Market Products For Selection of Product
Commodity -
Derivatives Stocks
None of the above
10 How many dependents do you financially support ?
None 30
Between 1-3 20
4+ 10
11 What is the size of your emergency fund ?
< 1 month income 10
1-3 months income 20
3-6 months income 30
> 6 months income 40
12 What is your experience with equity investments ?
Extensive experience
Moderate Experience
Very less experience
> No experience
13 What is your experience with Commodity investments ? For selection of Product
Extensive experience
Moderate experience
Very less experience
> No experience
14 What is your experience with investments in past ?
Very Good 40
Good 30
Moderate 20
Bad 10
Very Bad
15 Which would best describe your awareness about finance
I read most of the business and investment magazines and watch business updates on television daily 30
I read a financial newspaper daily and regularly read at least one specialized business magazine 20
I often look up the market prices of my shares in the 10newspaper 10
I never read the finance section of the newspaper
16 What is your practice on saving money
I don't believe in saving 0
I'd like to save, but my expenses and other financial commitments do not permit me to 10
I try to save whenever and wherever possible 20
I save 15 percent or more of my take-home salary without exception. 30
17 Short term Risk Attitudes
Which of these statements would best describe your attitudes about the next three years performance of this investment
I don't mind if I lose money 40
I can tolerate a loss 30
I need to see at least a little return 20
I'd have a hard time tolerating any loss 10
18 What is your preference W.R.T securities with low risk, low return over high risk, high return ? Direct Questions to ascertain Risk Appetite
Strongly prefer 0
Prefer 10
Indifferent 20
Do Not Prefer 30
Strongly do not prefer 40
19 When market is not performing well do you prefer to buy risky investments and sell less risky investments? Direct Questions to ascertain Risk Appetite
Strongly prefer 40
Prefer 30
Indifferent 20
Do Not Prefer 10
Strongly do not prefer 0
20 Risk Tolerance Ratio Direct Questions to ascertain risk appetite
High 10
Meduim 20
21 What percentage of monthly income is allocated to pay off debt [all EMIs]?
None 40
Between 0% -20% 30
Between 20% - 50% 20
> 50% 10
22 Occupation (please select the appropriate)
Private sector service -
Public Sector
Government sector
we do not offer any REFUND POLICY. ALL DISPUTES ARE SUBJECT TO INDORE (MADHYAPRADESH) JURISDICTION ONLY.Stock and commodity market and investment are subject to market risk
We are not offering any Low Risk Product
Risk Classification Score
MEDIUM 0-330
High Above 330
Money Desire Research
Investment Advisor